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Rapid eLearning incorporates all the closer cut-off times, less resources, and less seat time. E-Learning specialists can make striking eLearning courses using pre-collected eLearning designs and focused eLearning composing contraptions. However, the benefits that rapid eLearning parades moreover present uncommon challenges for eLearning originators. Some rapid eLearning assignments cause you to feel like you're continually hustling the clock. You can't remain focused, regardless of how long you commit to the eLearning assignment. Therefore, the completed item doesn't satisfy your rundown. Incidentally, rapid e-Learning courses got inseparable from dreary eLearning layouts. Individuals normally expect that speedy turnaround times mean dull eLearning courses that neglect to connect with and rouse students. This is a quandary that numerous eLearning experts face. Be that as it may, it's much harder for fast eLearning designers on a tight eLearning financial plan. You might not have the instruments you need nor the assets to make a compelling eLearning course. Try to utilize what you have and to know how to transcribe eLearning content. Rapid eLearning can be arduous sometimes. Luckily, there are approaches to defeat regular obstructions and convey stunning eLearning encounters without settling.

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Graveiens is a supreme rapid e-learning arrangements supplier with a squad of virtuoso educational content formulators who conceptualize and design prepared to-utilize intelligent educational learning modules to ancillary the doubts of students and satisfying their abilities preparing needs. Utilizing fast composing instruments, we compile modified answers for line up with the different adapting needs of the customers. We revolve around improving the speed of learning PowerPoint slides which helps students into seeing new ideas. We utilize the most recent innovation like Articulate Storyline to foster preparing modules rapidly and productively alongside saving the expense of preparing and upgraded quality experience. We use devices according to the adapting needs and business objectives. Our specialists convey work environment training, adaptability in learning, and track the presentation and efficacy of the representatives on a speedier advancement cycle.

How GravEiens help for Rapid E-learning Program

Types of Rapid E-Learning Services

Graveiens's aim is to foster rapid E-learning administrations for mentors and students. E- learning services given by us are bright as sunny day, enlightening and speedy to comprehend. Some of the Rapid e-learning services we render are as follows:

Quick composing

Quick composing

Graveiens utilizes just as renders simple to utilize fast writing devices that empower experts to plan straightforward tests, intuitive e-picking up instructional meetings, and increment capability in quickly fostering a wide assortment of e-learning courses with no difficulty. Rapid composing instruments are online e-preparing programming that helps understudies to make solid electronic instructional classes. These instruments nullify the requirement for coding and sight and sound abilities.



Graveiens has a talented squad of master experts rendering localization administrations to our customers. Our specialists are represented considerable authority in directing broad examination and thorough difficult work for finishing localization assignments. Our quick e-learning administrations empower customers to get rapid localization administrations in any language whenever as per undertakings necessities.



We render translation as one of the principle rapid e-learning administrations. Our master experts can translate a book or any educational learning material into a few dialects without trading off its quintessence, manner, data or whim. Our group translates content by knowing accurately what it should change without meaning for its experience, quality and setting. We translate precisely what our customers request.

File Transformation and Interface Improvement

File Transformation and Interface Improvement

We render credible document transformation and interface improvement arrangements in rapid e-learning administrations. Our administrations burn-through less time in moving information or document starting with one stage then onto the next. Moreover, interfaces are run every day or intermittently giving easy to use interface answers for our customers. Efficient, simple to execute, and financially savvy are the principle highlights of our e-learning administrations.

Rapid E-Learning Our clients

Specialized Organizations

We are accomplished e-learning communicators rendering rapid e-learning arrangement projects and preparing educational e-learning modules that satisfy client commitment with credible administrations.

Rapid E-Learning Our clients

Marketing & Showcasing

Graveiens being quite possibly the most presumed rapid e-learning administrations cohere to the innovation improvement and accomplishes the necessity of customers for planning compelling materials for the preparation of different advertising programs.

Ed-tech organizations

Graveiens being a regarded rapid e-learning administration appreciates the innovation advancement and necessity for planning viable materials for preparing and expertise upliftment purposes.


Graveiens being a supreme rapid e-learning administration gives speedy to-get a handle on preparing reports and outwardly engaging e-learning answers for the customers. We plan distinctive administration programs according to the guidelines.

How It Works

Here at Graveiens Edu Services, our process stream guarantees to formulate preparing modules for representatives to help them acquire inside and out information and help them in a faster by and large turn of events.

We first, comprehend the essential prerequisites of our customers, then, at that point assemble and sort out the important substance. We then, at that point discover a fast- writing device to be utilized in the planning cycle. Then, we create and plan the substance in an intuitive configuration lastly, audit and alter it after the quality affirmation.

In a nutshell, we can conclude that the 5 stages of our work process incorporate arrangement, assembling and coordinating, tracking down a fast-creating device, creating and planning, and evaluating.